«Fav and Forget!»

Goodbye ImguBox

Hello there

I’ve decided to shutdown the application.

When I’ve released ImguBox in summer 2015 I’ve been an active Imgur user and I liked the content and the community on the site. Imgur grew on popularity and more and more users posted their stuff. My usage of Imgur decreased and the application went almost forgotten.

Long story short: There were many bugs and I honestly don’t want to invest energy and time in an application which is dependent on a horrible unstable Imgur API (They’re servers seems to be on fire all the time 🔥).

The Source Code of the application is still Open Source and available on Github (I’ve updated the README with instructions to host the application on your own server). Feel free to try it out.

It was a fun project and I learned a lot. I’m glad that the application helped some users out there.

All the best